Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jon still loves Kate .... all it took was getting fired to realize it.

It's so fucking touching when people realize they are still in love shortly after losing the job that was predicated on them being married. Like a fairytale with AIDS.

If you are not all up on your useless pseudo-celebrity news TLC announced today that they decided to just run 'Kate plus 8' and leave Jon out of it. I've never seen the show but I'm guessing the more cast members you eliminate the better the show is going to be.

Here is the touching crap that Jon spewed not long after hearing he was going to have to get a job.

"Even though we were heading for a divorce, it appeared that Kate had been suffering from this divorce as much as I had. That's why I asked my attorney to put the brakes on this divorce so I could try to regain control over the future of our family. So Kate and I could join on a cooperative course that would benefit our family -- not destroy it," Jon tells In Touch Weekly.

Hey Kate - remember all that shit I said ... well that was before they fired me from the show -- now I just think we need to throw on the brakes play some Berry White and make another litter of babies together. You know you wanna.

The worst part of all this is that I even know about it. Fuck you reality T.V.