Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tila Tequila claims Shawne Merriman choked her - I'm only shocked more people haven't

Tila called police and said that Shawne (linebacker for the S.D. Chargers) choked her in an attempt to keep her from leaving his house. The call to the police was made after 3AM, which is about the time that most really drunk people decide to really kick the stupid into overdrive.

Of course Tila claims that she was completely sober and is in fact allergic to alcohol. I know what you are thinking; this tramp is named after a fucking alcoholic beverage - but she claims that the name was meant to be ironic because she never drinks. Which makes perfect sense, like how they called Ken Bianchi 'The Hillside Strangler' even though some of the women he strangled were not on hillsides.

Of course her twitter tells a bit of a different story...

Shawne basically says that she was drunk off her ass and he was just trying to keep her from getting into her car and killing somebody. I tend to believe him based on the fact that it's Tila Tequila who from appearances seems to be a pathetic attention whore who is mostly famous for being a doing particulary trashy reality shows where she tries to decide if she is bisexual or not.

Not to mention the fact that Shawne is roughly the size of a house, I am a pretty tough guy but if he wanted me to stay at his house I don't think I would have alot of choice in the matter. If he wanted to keep Tila at his house I am pretty sure there would have been no call to the cops ... or anyone else for that matter. He is pictured below with what I presume is a normal sized man.

I want to go firmly on the record that I am against violence against women, I was pretty pissed that Chris Brown got off easy for giving his girlfriend a half hour long beating, but if Shawne did choke her a little bit I think we should give him a pass. I actually am surprised that pretty much anyone that is the least bit familiar with her doesn't run up and choke her. Hell I am just shocked that there isn't some kind of line you have to get in to do it.

Just like everything else with me this goes back to reality T.V. - which is what made me aware of this annoying bitch in the first place. I lost my point so time to stop writing.

You can read a news article about all this here is you really care.