Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miss Universe Contest might be manipulated by Donald Trump - oh and water is wet..

Michael Schwandt (the choreographer of the Miss Universe Pageant) is claiming that Donald Trump picks the 15 Miss Universe finalists and then lets the judges pick the winner from among that stock. Reportedly he does this because in the past he feels that the judges were to stupid to tell who the hottest swimsuit models were.

This is shocking why?

I always assumed that Miss Universe was rigged, if not by Trump then by someone. Hell I am just shocked that the deciding factor is who Trump finds prettiest instead of who will blow him - you know, like how they picked Hollywood Starlets in the old days ....yeah ... the old days.

Miss Universe and Miss America are basically just like any other reality show, the producers are framing out a story of sorts and presenting you with something they think will get ratings. This is no different than the judges in American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance, or Dancing with the (kinda) Stars pimping their favorites to try to pick the winner.

Actually it is a little different. In those shows people vote, so the judges sometimes don't get their way. In fact I would like to think that sometimes all the pimping makes the public backlash against the contestant being pimped - in this one Trump basically just gets his way.

I am not going to say anything snide about the 15 being picked before the interview and question portion of the contest because I presume we all knew that they never had an impact on the outcome of the Pageant.

Seriously is anyone fucking surprised that his other entertainment franchises are not really basically just like Celebrity Apprentice -- just be glad Joan Rivers is not competing in Miss Universe or he would probably hand her that too.

Seriously fuck Donald Trump, and if you are reading this Donald ... please don't have me killed.