Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West is a Douche; the 2009 VMA Awards joins the list

I actually could have written the title of this post last week and had a pretty good chance of not having to change it. I also probably could have just titled it 'Kanye West is a douche' but I figured searching that phrase in Google would be kind of like searching the word 'The'.

This time our unstoppable force of social justice and artistic expression decided to take on the nefarious evil that is Taylor Swift after seeing she had the audacity to win the award for best female music video (i think) and actually was going to give an acceptance speech instead of an apology.

How fucking dare she.

Luckily our hero Kanye was right there to go up on stage and take the microphone, the moment, and some dignity from the 98 pound teenage girl;

Before she could continue, West broke in. “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but BeyoncĂ© has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!” Kanye shouted to a mortified Swift and the speechless audience. And as quickly as he ran onstage — MTV cut away to show Pink applauding Taylor, and when they flashed back to Swift, West already had the mic in his hand — he was off, leaving a shocked Swift in his wake.

That will teach her to make popular music and videos that appeal to people. I don't actually care about Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or who had the better video - but I have to admit that I felt pretty bad for both of them since basically after he held Taylor down and pissed on her moment he basically nodded over to Beyonce and said 'That was for you B' ... only he would have said it more angsty and artistic like.

Following him knocking a teenage girl down a peg he went back into the audience and the following took place but was not shown;

According to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, "You can't blame a man for speaking his mind." His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, "Kanye, I tried." During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away.

Fucking classy baby.

If you found his behavior shocking than it's possible you are retarded - or a moron ....I'm not sure which is the PC term for someone who is still amazed by their drunk uncle pulling a quarter from their ear or dazzled by peek-a-boo. I heard someone say "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior" I want to say it was one of my college professors but I think it might have actually been Dr. Phil - either way it fits here.

Just take a look at what I like to call 'The Kanye West Butthurt Continuum"

  • 2004 American Music Awards - Kanye losses Best New Artist to Gretchen Wilson, stomps out in protest and calls her a Redneck. He proclaims he was robbed and claims there is a massive conspiracy against him ..... I can't remember if it was all white people or just George W. Bush that was behind it.
  • 2006 European Music Awards - Kanye's video 'Touch the Sky' doesn't win best video and he decides the reasonable thing to do is go onstage and take the microphone from the actual winners and rant about being robbed.
  • 2007 Video Music Awards - Backstage meltdown over not getting to perform on the main stage because everyone is out to get him because he is so awesome. He was also pissed that Britney Spears opened the show instead of him.
  • 2008 Video Music Awards - Gets all butthurt because Britney Spears wins Best Female Video instead of Rihanna.

And those are only the award shows - I'm sure a complete Kanye Butthurt Continuum would include a crapload more rants from; interview clips, comments at concerts, drunken rants at bars, screaming matches at fast food counters... the list would go on and on.

Keep in mind he does have a pretty valid reason for getting pissed. Kanye has pointed out time and again that he is oppressed because he's black, and how fucked up is that? Imagine for just a moment that you're an oppressed black superstar that had ONLY won 42 of the 127 awards you had been nominated for! Imagine you are Kanye and have only won 12 Grammys out of the freaking 30 you have been nominated for. What the hell!?

Can't you people, just for one second, feel his pain!?

I know some people that think part of the problem is Kanye is a racist, but I don't know that I agree with them. Kanye has compared himself to Tom Cruise in the past, and you don't get much whiter than Tom Cruise, I think he's definitely ethnocentric - but that's not the same thing. I think a truer statement would be that part of the problem is Kanye thinks everyone else is a racist.

That would explain why I've never heard of him pulling this crap at the Vibe awards, because there he can't really assume they're persecuting him because he's black ....that or the fact that someone at the Vibe awards would beat his bitch ass down the minute he tried to take the mic.

Yeah, I think the second one too.