Monday, August 3, 2009

Travel tip: they whip you for wearing pants in Sudan.

At least they do if you make the mistake of having a vagina. A journalist and some other women discovered that fun fact when they were arrested in Sudan for wearing pants - the Fox news article says 12 but I think that is a typo; I guess they just don't have the same high standards as IPHY.

Apparently when broads make the horrible mistake of wearing pants out in public Allah or Xenu or whoever rules over the people in the Sudan has decreed that they have to be whipped 40 times. Which is perfectly fair and reasonable if you are fucking insane.

Possibly also insane is the stance the pants wearing journalist is taking;

"If I'm sentenced to be whipped, or to anything else, I will appeal. I will see it through to the end, to the constitutional court if necessary," she said. "And if the constitutional court says the law is constitutional, I'm ready to be whipped not 40 but 40,000 times."

She works for the U.N. so she has immunity but she has waived it to prove a point.... the point being I guess that she thinks something might change if she gets whipped for wearing pants.

I hate to break it to her but no one is going to care five minutes after the whipping is finished, in fact no one is going to care by the 7th lash. It's not news to anyone that Muslim countries by and large treat women like shit, I think I extend more rights to my German Shepards than most Muslim women have. I know I whip them a hell of alot less and I would not get all pissed if one of them started wearing a jaunty pair of pants.

Since 'The West' has decided it's intolerant to point out how much another culture sucks, no matter how fucking backwards and barbaric it is, I would not hold my breath on anyone in the first world getting too worked up over this for long.

So basically Ms. Lubna Ahmed Al-Hussien is going to get whipped for wearing pants and nothing is going to change... sucks.

Eh - turns out I did not create any humor with this one, I should have skipped the subject just like I did when that woman ate her baby last week.

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