Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LiveJournal users mad about the deletion of Harry Potter porn .... seriously.

Whenever I think that the internet has lost the ability to surprise me it will inevitably slam down it's bones and look at me with a smirk and say 'Domino Motherfucker' - that's right, in my mind the internet is a giant electronic version of Ice-Cube.

LiveJournal users who patronize sex-themed Harry Potter fan art and fiction communities--and a host of other concerned users--are revolting a second time over account suspension notices they say are unpredictable and trample on their free-expression rights..... The users' journal entries contained "drawings depicting minors in explicit sexual situations,"

The shock didn't come from the illustrated pictures of the presumably underaged Harry Potter characters naked and having sex with each other - no the shock came from the fact that there are people that are publicly pissed off that the people over at LiveJournal removed it.

In (one case), the offending image depicted an unclothed Harry Potter of ambiguous age receiving oral sex from sometimes-villain Severus Snape.

Seriously - this is the issue you want to stand up and be recognized for? You want to stand and be counted so you can protect the rights of people to see pictures of Snape pleasuring Harry Potter? I think even the most hardcore (non-insane) ACLU member is backing away from this hoping he doesn't get any sad on his shoes.

I've said several times that I am not by any means a prude (like here and here), but the frigging internet is making me feel like little miss moral outrage lately.

Domino indeed.