Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stimulus money to support Pornography

But only artistic porn, you know the type that only really screwed up kinky wackjobs get off on. I am all for doing pretty much anything to promote porn - except pay for it. Apparently the government has not heard of the Internet - hey Barrack, you can get all the porn you want for free just email me and I will hook you up with some good sites.

This is what some of your tax money paid for;
A few of their more risque choices have some taxpayer advocates hot under the collar, including a $50,000 infusion for the Frameline film house, which recently screened Thundercrack, "the world's only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla."

Honestly who wants to see an orgy with four men three women and a gorilla?

Ok well, I guess when you put it like that I want to see it.... but mostly just out of curiosity not to masturbate ....probably.

Seriously, I can get plenty of porn without the government kicking down any money - and this artistic shit sounds a little out there even by my standards. If you really just want to fund something in the arts how about a contemporary dance ensemble or a Taiko group, is that not edgy enough for stimulus money?

Here is a link to the whole article;