Thursday, July 23, 2009

For the health of your fetus

See what Jessica Alba is doing up there? For the health of her fetus she needs to do that to her husband (or anyone she is going to have a baby with) for at least a year before conception. I'm happy to help her get some practice in if she wants to give me a call.

Not only have I been saying this shit forever but my friends have all been saying this for as long as I've known them - it is like some kind of fucking universal logic. Of course most women made the choice not to believe.

not only should you be having lots of oral sex with the father of your baby -- even up to a year before conceiving -- you should also make sure to ingest his seminal fluid. Listen to what I'm telling you: the international medical community is giving you an Rx for oral. Sure, they say frequent intercourse is good, too, but oral is better.

Well look at you now, I think alot of women owe men apologies right about now. I'm not going to gloat or anything, I just want you to do the right thing for your baby.

Oh and remember the article says you need to start a year before conception - that means if you even think you might want to have a kid with someone you should start ingesting his semen now so that you don't have to delay the conception by a year.

I love that once in awhile I can tackle serious health issues on this site, if not for me than for the children.

Oh and thank you science for finally coming up with something good. Link below - to no less;