Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds' Pre-Comic Con fight

First of all I had no idea these two were married, mostly because I didn't have a clear notion of who Scarlett was before the Black Widow pictures came out and until recently Ryan was someone that was in alot of movies I skipped (but I hear 'Waiting' is really funny) and a sitcom called 'Two Guys a Girl and pizza parlor' that I watched briefly about thirty years ago. I don't recall if the sitcom was funny but I like things with long awkward names, which is why I named my penis "Cornelieus Q. Fuck".

But I digress.

The two of them got in some kind of fight so Ryan did not go to ComicCon - and although I haven't seen anyone say what they fought about I do now know he is going to be playing Green Lantern in an upcoming movie.

I think, and this is just a theory, that they were probably both in their costumes when the argument started and then they proceeded to fight ... now they are both superheroes (sort of) so I imagine it was pretty rough and costumes were being torn and hair was being pulled. There might have been some scratching but both of them, maybe even some spanking.....

I was going to go on but I need to spend some time alone with the pictures of Scarlett here.

Give me about a half hour - maybe go read the link if you like;