Monday, July 13, 2009

Jessica Simpson dumped - Dallas fans will probably riot in joy

Or at least Dallas Fans would riot if they lived in Los Angeles - we love our riots in California, I am just glad they did not besmirch the touching circus that was the Michael Jackson memorial.

Apparently he (Tony Romo) did it the night before her 29th birthday ... so ... um happy birthday, you are almost thirty so along with another year of 'chick depreciation' you are also single. I feel so bad for women that they lose half their value at thirty, good thing she has talent, education, and intelligence to fall back on. Ok, no seriously maybe a reality T.V show? Does anyone see an 'Idiot of Love' show on VH1 coming out of this?

I presume Jessica looked all sad just like in the picture above, I would usually try to say something humorous at this point - but it is Jessica fucking Simpson, what the hell can you say?

If you hate your life enough to read the story here is a link;