Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sam Ronson throws Lindsay Lohan's shit into the street

I really was not going to bother posting this when I heard about it yesterday - but I feel left out since all the other sites that post stupid shit about celebrities are all over it. That is exactly the type of peer-pressure that made me try steroids and heroin - which beats the shit out of meth and creatine by the way.

Anyway Sam Ronson got lesbian angry at Lindsay Lohan and threw her shit in the street and then Lindsay tearfully picked it up while the paps shot film ... some say if you listened close enough you could hear the last little sliver of her pride scream as it died.

It does not really matter why this happened - I once knew a lesbian that told me that in their world you date a girl for two weeks and then break up with her for the next 4 years. She might have said other shit too but I lost interest so I never learned the secrets of lesbian love - maybe I will google it.

If you really have to know you can read the link below.