Thursday, July 9, 2009

God - why do you kill people that are not Lindsay Lohan?

The picture above is the only picture I like of Lindsay Lohan - you can look at it and pretend she's dead. Seriously of all the shit I hate she is definitely on the upper end of my 'celebrity broads I hate' list. Maybe top 10 depending on who is on T.V. at the moment - it is a pretty dynamic list. Not just because she is a ginger (you know - one of those redheads cursed with freckles) because I have seen like three differant redheads I would have sex with even if I am not drunk.

No I hate her because of her soul - the fact that she is a ginger skank that looks like she has questionable hygiene (at best) is just gravy.

So this strung out slut (Lindsay Lohan - in case you thought I changed subjects) was locked out of her boyfriend Sam Ronson's house (EDIT: wait - you are kidding me - that is a fucking chick!?) and she wanted to be inside instead of outside. Now to be fair - for once she did the opposite of what a strung out whore would do and called a locksmith. I honestly would have expected her to break the window by throwing somebodies baby through it.

After that things were handled in an adult manner ..... or, you know, not ....

The 23-year-old star walked around the entrance of the house as the locksmith started working on the door, watched by Lindsay's pal Christy.

She then found an open window and exclaimed, "What the f***, the lock just came undone. You know what sir, we already got in, thanks. We just broke in. We just found a way in."

She then refused to pay the man's call out fee, claiming he was asking for $300

I know that one thing we common people love is when we are called out in the middle of the night to be treated like a fucktard and not get paid. If I were this locksmith I think I would just devote my life to following Lindsay around and changing the fucking locks of anything she wanted to get into, of course I would have to come up with a fancy super villain costume and a cool name and .... meh - it would be just easier to smack the shit out of her - yeah he should have done that.

Link if you really need more details on this gripping story of stupid.