Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joan Rivers pissed at Good Day Sacramento

First of all sorry about the picture - but if I apply the Madonna rule too widely it soon loses it's meaning.

I didn't realize Joan Rivers was still alive until I got sucked into the car wreck called 'Celebrity Apprentice" - which honestly I only watched the first time because of the inescapable draw of Tom Green and Andrew Dice Clay as a duo.

I ended up watching it all the way to the almost end (I got bored during the finale and turned it off and instead spent some time looking at pictures of Ivanka Trump and her huge rack) and one thing became pretty obvious by the time the show was almost over - well two things actually....

1. Joan Rivers is a raving bitch with an almost mythical sense of self worth.
2. Mellissa Rivers has ridden her raving bitch-mom's coat-tails her entire life

The odd thing about Melissa is she seems like she is actually competent, just not as competent as she thinks. She comes off somewhere between adoring daughter and fawning bootlick lackey, it is really pretty disgusting to watch.

I know the show made Clint Black look like quite the misogynist - but honestly he must be as noble as fucking King Arthur to not have smacked Joan in the fucking mouth when she would shift from pouting mode to tantrum mode.

The point to this whole thing is this (btw - there is a slight delay in the audio);

It's pretty bad when even a local news person knows your daughter is a fucking toadie. It's too bad people are paying attention to them actually - because I think if we all just refused to look maybe they would go away.