Thursday, July 30, 2009

Megan Fox is not trying to be Angelina Jolie (anymore)

Lately Megan Fox is all butthurt about people comparing her to Angelina Jolie, which I guess I can understand because I hate it when people compare me to dashing millionaire Bruce Wayne. The difference here is I don't make it a point to wear a big black cape and a fucking batman logo on my chest while bitching that people keep trying to compare me to that other guy in a batsuit.

The other difference here is that, unlike me and Bruce Wayne, there is really no comparison;

  • Angelia Jolie has been in (I believe) 37 movies, including 'Girl Interrupted' which was fucking exceptional. She has another movie in post production and is in another one that is in development.

  • Megan Fox has been in Transformers and Transformers 2 which honestly both sucked although I am not blaming her exclusively on this; there was enough suck to go around. She has a movie in post production where she plays a slutty sex demon, which I support, but it is probably still not going to be in the ball park of 'Girl Interrupted'.

  • Angelina has won an Oscar and been nominated by pretty much every award granting body involved in film - Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globes, SAG .... you name it and she has been nominated for it.

  • Megan Fox has been nominated 4 times, the biggest being the Mtv Movie awards and The Teen Choice Awards for, among other things, 'Best Liplock'.

Oh wait I know a time saver lets just skip to the most important one;

No one looks at Angelina Jolie and says "Wow, it sure looks like she is trying hard to be (insert name here) - same look, similar tattoo placement, always strikes similar poses ... how really sad that she is trying so hard"

Oh and Angelina never had to say this;
"I think its cause she has tattoos really, I think a lack of creativity on the media's part," Fox said. "I am a brunette with tattoos, I curse and I have made mention of sex before. I joked about it which people find outrageous so they want to constantly compare that to her. You know Shia is the new Tom Hanks, Rhianna is the new Beyonce. Everybody is the new somebody although none of us are any of those people so you just walk around with it you live with it."
On a related note - Shia LeBeouf is obviously not the next fucking Tom Hanks. For one thing I don't recall Tom Hanks fucking up an Indiana Jones movie (once again - enough blame to pass around) or making awkward comments that made people think he wanted to fuck his mother.

Link below to the newest article about Megan Fox not trying to be Angelina Jolie;