Monday, July 20, 2009

I hate myself for caring....

I think most reality shows suck ass - they started out as an intriguing idea but they were not sustainable. After the first season or two of Survivor pretty much anyone who ever wanted fifteen minutes of 'fame' started conniving to get on one of these monstrosities which in turn made these shows even more contrived than they originally were because now you not only had the producers trying to present a 'story' you also had the 'contestants' trying to create a character.

All of that is beside the point of this post - one of these days I will bore the tens of you that read this site with my very deep thoughts on Reality TV.

The point of this post is that Paula Abdul supposedly might not return to American Idol. I actually fully expect that she will be back on Idol in all her drunken glory just like she has been since the show started roughly five lifetimes ago - but for the moment her manager is trying to make it look like she won't, so I and the other idiots that pollute the Internet kind of have to pretend it might be true for a second.

Still the whole thing kind of reminds me of a promotion the company that makes Trix cereal did back in 1988 (no I did not remember the fucking date - I had to look it up) where you could somehow vote on whether the Rabbit should get to have a bowl of Trix or not. People voted that he should get it but somehow he still got fucked out of them ....

I don't know exactly why I went this direction to make my point - but the point is that I feel like the whole 'Paula (junkie) Abdul might not be on this season' thing is just as fucking phony as the damn Trix thing I just tried to explain. It's just one more fucking contrived piece of reality show bullshit that the networks are laying on you because they think you're stupid.

Problem is when the next season of Idol starts a few million of you will prove them right by watching their fucking singing competition. I'm blameless in this by the way, I'm out once the tears run out during Hollywood week - still I would rather watch it without her fucking constant drunken verbal diarrhea. (No - it is not fucking ironic for me to say that-- because I'm sober when I write this shit)

Below is a link so you can pretend it is real too;