Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Taco Bell dog had a stroke

The Taco Bell dog died.

I see how you are looking at me but seriously - kiss my ass. So far I have not found anything else to write about today other than Annalynn Mccord's birthday, and I don't even really know who the fuck that is - I just know a few of the other sites are covering it for some reason.

Plus it is not like Fox News is not reporting the dead dog story on their front page - where do you think I heard about it? I don't have the type of big Hollywood connections to get this type of info in a phone call.

Maybe some shit will happen later.

P.S. I was going to post a picture of the dog but decided instead to post a hot picture of Yvonne Strahovski from the show 'Chuck' - if you want pictures of dead chihuahuas than make your own site because we don't swing that way around here.

link to dead taco bell dog story on fox news;