Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good news fellas

Amy Winehouse is now officially divorced!

Amy Winehouse's tempestuous marriage ended Thursday when the singer and Blake Fielder-Civil were granted a divorce by a judge in London.
Divorce papers filed with the court stated that Fielder-Civil found living with Winehouse "intolerable." Winehouse acknowledged adultery and said she would not contest the divorce.

It's like the fucking stars are aligning for men right now. At this moment Amy Winehouse is on the prowl and ready for some hot loving (and possibly some crack) - can you be the man that brings it to her? Pictures like the one above usually fall under my 'Madonna' rule - but I just had to put up something to get you going before catching a plane to London.

Now finish masturbating the picture above and get the hell out there before someone else beats you to her. Oh - and it might be a good idea to stop and get some crack on the way to improve your chances ... oh and penicillin.

In a possibly related note - can you even fucking imagine how bad this broad must be to be intolerable to Blake Fielder? I think even most crackwhores would rather have a frolicking threesome with Andy Dick and a goat than make out with this guy.

Link is below so you don't think I'm just getting your hopes up for nothing;