Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The blog title could have been "You Probably Wont See This"

I dont really 'get' blogging. 

I have friends (ok not friends but people I know) that blog and I always wonder what the hell the point is... who reads it? I figure that their mom might read it, some of their friends might claim to read it - but honestly the only person that probably reads the damn thing is the person who wrote it and the girl they just broke up with. 

I doubt most people who blog are celebrities, people seem to care what celebrities think for some retarded reason, so most (almost all) people (who blog)  have their precious and so amazingly lucid insights wasted on a page that no one is going to look at unless it has the words "hot teen anal blowjob celebrity nudity ipod bailout obama limbaugh" worked in at some point and it happens to come up on google. 

So basically I am typing up shit that is going through my head that no one but me will probably ever read, and I am wording it as if you are reading it ... that is a total mind fuck. 

I might post more later and make someone I know read it.