Thursday, June 4, 2009

WTF is a Facebook?

So the other day I started randomly doing google searches on people I was tight with back in the day - which for me would be around 1988/89 or so. Whenever I do this I always get kind of the 'Cold Case' montage in my head - you know where they play some music from Journey or R.E.M or something and suddenly you see you and all your friends gathered around dressed in period clothes with perm'd hair and crap. 

I digress....

Anyway so the only differance is this time I actually found someone (My friends were not the type of people you would find on the interweb - unless they could somehow smoke it, steal it, or beat you with it) in my google results instead of only finding gay pornstars that somehow have the same names as my high school friends. In this case I found one of the best friends I ever had, a guy named Sam who was my first really true friend. 

To get in contact with him I had to make a facebook page, and that led me to two bits of consternation... 

1. I dont know how the hell to set up my facebook page, it is not at all what i expected and it is somehow both smarter and dumber than me. The page currently looks as stylish and organized as a Tiajuana strip bar (you know the one Sam) and I think everytime I type something it gets brodcast to anyone stupid enough to add me as a friend. 


2. There are alot more people on Facebook than I thought ... I am told at least a couple thousand. Turns out the chances of me knowing people on Facebook are greater than expected. You ever think about how great things were in High School and think how cool it would be to talk to old friends and than have the possibility of doing so and realize that it probably is not the best idea? 

Yeah that. 

But on the upside at least I can talk to Sam again. 

This post did not even amuse me, luckily as per my intro post I dont expect anyone will actually read it so no worries.