Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't get it

So I guess Great White Sharks need to be protected for some reason? I am pretty sure the whole point of 'Jaws' was that they eat people attack boats and need to die. 

Last week, Jessica Alba plastered posters of a great white shark  across different spots in Downtown Oklahoma City.  These locations included Stage Center and a railroad overpass near Bricktown.  And she did it all to bring awareness to the dwindling great white shark population.

I am still new to this whole 'Green' thing, and it only makes any sense at all to me when I am looking at Miranda Kerr tied to a tree (see below - it is regrettably not as creepy as it sounds), but this sounds like we are trying to protect nature's serial killer. 

I like Jessica Alba - but she is going to have to be alot more naked before this starts making any sense to me. 

P.S. She said she was sorry later, and she should be - those sharks want to kill you and everything you believe in. Or maybe she was sorry about the posters ... I dunno - I kind of space out when celebrities make speakie sounds like they are people. 

My crack team of detectives did not bust this one wide open in time so the link to the story I read is below