Monday, June 29, 2009

Can the next vote be to execute them?

I cannot recall ever watching the E! network but they had a viewer vote that resulted in the banning of Spencer Pratt and his better half (which says how fucking horrific he is) Heidi from further coverage - so the network must not be too bad. Speaking of Heidi - I don't know where the picture above came from, but I expect it was taken right after she saw clearly for the first time the type of person she was. I guess the moment passed.

With any luck someone can now take it one step further and get something into the next national election to have these two annoying retards fired into the sun, or thrown into Mt Doom,  or whatever the hell you do to kill 'reality stars'. Honestly I think as long as the execution was public these two whores wouldn't even be all that upset about their impending doom. 

At the very least I would like to see the two of them banned from T.V. until one of the networks get on board for my amazing reality show "Celebrity Saw Titanic Monkey Fight' that has been my dream to make for roughly two weeks.

By the time I finished this update I was so bored I almost for got to post the link;