Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WTF? People are still talking about this?

Perez Hilton said he was sorry that he used that word 'Faggot' but that Will.I.Am still is one ... or something like that.

Seriously why does anyone care - the only thing that is surprising in all this is that more people have not smacked around Perez sooner. Honestly I blame society - if we were not so fucking PC in America these days Perez would have had his attitude beaten out of him back in Jr. High.

Following my long standing tradition of not posting pictures of Perez Hilton (ugly people make me sad) please enjoy the somewhat related picture above - guess Perez would have liked to bump into Archie on that day ....get it? Because it sounds like he masturbated all 3 or those guys... I got nothing.

Link to the story - I am not gonna read it but you might...