Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson lost the ranch but bought a farm

So - I don't know if you have heard or not but Michael Jackson died yesterday. I only heard because it has been on news pretty much non-stop and apparently some of my 'friends' on Facebook worshipped him, which is news to me. Given the fact that if I saw him walking up the street I would have shot him in the head (not because he is an acquitted pedophile - because he looks like a fucking zombie) I am only shocked that he did not die sooner. It honestly would not shock me if it turns out he died eight years ago and just did not stop walking until now. 

Alot of people are comparing this to when Elvis died - and I think there is alot of justice to that. 

Both of them had a huge impact on music when they were younger which gave both of them alot more gravitas in the music/entertainment industry then was warranted when they were older. 

Both of them went from being attractive talented young men to being fucking weirdo's of the type usually only seen in old timey carnival sideshows. 

Both of them did not end up playing out the end of their careers in Vegas - but MJ was at one point in talks to be a resident performer in Vegas and was arrested for child molestation there. So that is kind of another similarity. 

I would not trust either of them with my kid - but for different reasons. 

In the end it probably would have been better for both of these guys if they would have died sooner - they both lived long enough to stain their incredible legacies. I am trying very hard not to shit on them both in this post. 

Anyway - so long MJ .... I guess God just needed a.... whatever the fuck you are. 

I posted a picture from back before he was a zombie - oh and I was going to post a link to the story but seriously - you can't fucking swing a dead cat without hitting an article about it.