Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't let PC make you it's bitch

I am not talking about the chunky pale guy in the bad suit who argues with the Mac guy, but actually the title would apply to that as well. You do not want ol' PC doing the scene from 'Deliverance' on you.

Three radio DJ's in Sacramento I never heard of on a radio station I never listen to said some shit about Transgendered people that I have not met.

The on-air personalities of the "Rob, Arnie & Dawn" show on 98.5 KRXQ-FM have been off air this week after heated reaction to comments made May 28 about transgender teens. On that broadcast, disc jockeys Rob Williams and Arnie States labeled transgender people freaks, weirdos and drama queens.

This would not usually be something I would give two shits about, and honestly I only barely care - but there is nothing else that has caught my interest yet this morning. The interesting (ish) part of this story is that the three of them were then suspended from their jobs and had to come back on the air and apologize for it -- which they did, profusely and on bended knee(s).

"I want you to very clearly understand that I proudly and fully apologize for those comments completely."

As all of us remember (because it was covered by the media as if alien life had been discovered) former Miss California Carrie something-or-other also got into a big controversy for saying that she did not believe in gay marriage (as opposed to opposite marriage - whatever the hell that is) which put Perez Hilton's big panties in a wad.

Now I don't know what part of America some of these people grew up in, but I presume it was full of Care Bears and rainbows. In the part of America I grew up in you went to places like public school to learn that if you are a fat pale weird homo (Perez, looking in your direction) you need to develop a thick skin and not let every little thing someone says bother you -- especially since I just listed four separate reasons why Perez Hilton would have been made fun of at my High School. Same goes if you are a boy who tapes it back and buys a prom dress or a girl who has a mullet and wears alot of flannel. Or for that matter one of those pimply kids that like math and talk about Star Trek and dragons - the ones most of us now work for.

Believe me, I've got nothing against the gays. I don't want anyone to be physically harmed or chased with torches. I am all for letting you have all the same rights as me. You want to marry a dude that's your business - hell marry 3 dudes I don't give a shit. For that matter you want to be a polygamist and have a half dozen wives (not child brides) then God love you. Hell if you want to marry a rock or tree send me the invite and let me know where you are registered. Cross dress all you like - screw it, go all out and dress as a different gender and species. There are really not enough transgendered unicorns covered in glitter - so do that.

See, the thing is my life is not impacted by who you marry, who you love, or what you put in your mouth.

So gays, trannys (or ladyboys if you prefer), fatties, geeks, polygamists (Mormon or otherwise), litigious religious fanatics that fear Xenu, various ethnicity's, or whoever else you are - if you are a citizen then be proud of whatever shit you are into and leave me the hell out of it.

But don't ask me not to talk shit about it. You have the option of not paying the least bit of attention to me or saying some shit back - or going all old school and shit and throwing down with me ... I suppose a dance off or rap battle might also be allowable, however I think the dance off gives you an unfair advantage.

Grow a thicker skin - just because you are a ladyboy (or tranny if you prefer) does not mean you have to be a sissy.

-IPHY Fun Fact- All of my friends are either total right wing wackjobs or left wing commies, this post will probably piss off both. Yay!!